To associate tour steps (pointers) with specific elements on your site, you need to hook to the selectors of elements. Selectors are used to "find" the HTML elements on your site. It is not difficult to find out the selector of a specific page element.

The easiest way is to use our Chrome extension.

Usetiful for Chrome extension (Recommended)

1. We recommend you to first install the extension - it enables you to preview product tours directly on your page without embedding the code. When on the page, it allows you to get the element selector in just one click. 

2. Inside the tour editor, the "Element" field requires you to enter the selector of the HTML element on your site.

Click on the "Select element" action on the right side of the field.  The following dialog will appear if the Usetiful browser extension is enabled.

3. Enter the address of your web page and click "Open page"

4. To select the element on the target page, just move your mouse cursor around and elements will automatically highlight as you hover above them. Once you find the right element just click - the selector will be automatically saved into the tour editor

5. Save the tour settings. The tour step is now linked to the selected element on your site (the first image in our examples).

When previewing the tour, you can now see the pointer displayed near the select element.

Use browser inspector

1. In your browser (ideally in Google Chrome or Firefox) navigate to the specific web page where the tour step should be linked to a page element.

We will use our demo site as an example. Let's say that we want to associate the tour step with the first picture on this page (the picture of London, top-left).

Note for Safari users: At this point you need to enable the Web Inspector (how to)

2. Right-click on the element you want to find a selector for and choose the "Inspect" option.

3. The inspector panel will appear with the highlighted element. It should look similar to the picture below:

When you hover with the mouse cursor over the blue like in the inspector panel, your element is highlighted on the page. If you changed your mind and want to select a different element, you can hover over other rows in the inspector panel to find the right one.

4. Right-click on the blue row in the inspector panel and choose the "Copy > Copy selector" option.

5. The element selector is copied to the clipboard. Now, return to Usetiful administration - paste the value from clipboard (CTRL + V) to the "Element" field in the configuration of the given tour step.

6. Save the tour settings. The appropriate step is now linked to the selected element on your site (first image in our examples).

When previewing the tour, we can now see the pointer displayed near the selected element.

Target elements using CSS selectors (Advanced)

Do you need a more flexible way to target your elements? You can directly use CSS selectors - find more here.