A single product tour is often enough to welcome and onboard your users. When dealing with more complex products it is good to remind ourselves that users are human - and we humans can absorb only a certain amount of information at the same time.

To help your users onboard to complex products, split the experience into simpler atomic parts. Checklist is a great way to organize these atomic tours and to give the users continual gratification as they continue exploring your solution.

To provide your users with a checklist for all available product tours, follow these instructions:

1. Create multiple product tours

First, create multiple product tours. Try Usetiful Plus free trial to get started!

2. Target product tours to a single location

Target the tours to the same page and enable Usetiful button with at least one tour. The checklist will automatically appear in the right bottom corner.

Please keep in mind that uncompleted tour that lanches automatically will be shown first before a checklist is accessible. Therefore if you want to allow users to select from available tours for the given page all the tours in the checklist should be set to launch manually (Trigger section in the tour settings).

3. Customize button label

Set the same label to all product tours with the enabled Usetiful button, and it will be automatically inherited by the checklist.

4. Tricks and tips

  • Your checklist can contain tours leading to different pages. When creating a tour, include redirect to the target address as the first step.
  • To play the whole checklist automatically, enable the autoplay option in all tours (to ensure they all have the same priority at the beginning). That way, if there is one incomplete tour in the checklist, it has the highest priority and will run automatically.