Smart Tips are a simple way to support your users. Compared to product tours, there is no workflow and no history - just a user, your feature, and Smart Tip.

How to create Smart Tips

  1. In Usetiful, go to section Smart tips
  2. Click on Add Smart tips
  3. Add Tip and name it
  4. By clicking on the Select element, choose an element your Smart Tip will hook (more info here)
  5. Choose when the Smart Tip will appear. You can choose from:
    1. Mouseover - when a user goes with cursor above the element
    2. Click - when a user clicks on the element
    3. Focus - when a user gets inside of the input field
  6. Choose the orientation of your Smart Tip against an element
  7. Additionally, by clicking on the Settings you can limit where your Smart Tip will be showing (more info in Page Targeting)

Feel free to add as many Smart Tips as you wish inside of one group. If you need to target multiple pages, it is simple to create multiple Smart Tips groups.

Do you have an own layout Theme? Simply assign it to your Smart Tips in the Settings menu.