We have just announced a new feature - page events for checklist item completion. Here's all it is about. 

When a user is presented with a checklist - it serves as an incentive to perform actions in the app - with the help of guides or link items that are in the checklist. 

In this image you see an example of a checklist with two complete items

There are two ways a Checklist item (guide or link) is marked as "complete"

- when the user clicks on the checklist item - the item will be marked as complete with a green checkmark immediately

- When the user performs some page event

You can select how the checklist item will be marked as complete, for each separate checklist item.

To set this

1. open the checklist in the Usetiful dashboard

2. select the checklist item in the left-hand side menu

3. scroll down the middle column that contains the settings for this item

4. you will see a setting called "STEP COMPLETION"

The default selection in this setting is "Click" - this means that the respective item will be marked as complete with a green checkmark as soon as the user clicks on the item in the checklist. 

The second option is "Page event" - when selected - you will be asked to configure the page event which will mark the item as done. 

Page events are actions that users can perform on the page - such as click on a specific element. One this action is done and detected by Usetiful - the respective checklist item will be marked as completed. 

In the Page event step completion settings, you will see 3 fields

  1. Page event - drop-down menu - describes the action the users must take for the event conditions to be met
  2. Element - describes the element on which the action must be performed - this field will accept element selectors in accordance with html selector guidelines
  3. URL - optional field - for the cases when the same element is present on different pages, use this option to specify an element on a specific page

The third option is "On the tour event." When you choose this option, you will be prompted to configure whether the step should be marked as done when the first step or the last step of the tour is displayed.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to submit a ticket or write to us at support@usetiful.com