Great news - now NPS surveys are available as a feedback collection tool in Usetiful. In this article you will learn how to add an NPS survey to your tour.

1. Select the tour step in which you want to add the NPS survey - and open the settings for that step

2. Enable "Collect feedback" in the settings for that specific step - you will see that a "Reaction" survey is added to the step. That's because the "smiley" survey is the default survey type. 

3. Switch the "Type" setting from "Reaction" to "NPS Survey" 

4. You will see a sample NPS survey being added to the step

5. Configure the question, the minimal and maximal value labels, and the "thank you" message - which replaces the question and the scale after your users click on a value on the scale 

6- Once the NPS survey is published, you can view the results in the Reports section.

When you create this survey, you can then re-use it in other tours as it will be saved in the list of surveys.