Triggers on tour steps allow you to introduce product tours even in complex environments - such as single-page applications, or when you are dealing with animations or longer loading times (few examples in our blog post). The trigger "Element appears" is one of the most favourite ones - for example, allowing you to continue in a tour only after loading is done, or after a user successfully submitted a form.

There is a difference in how Element Appears is used compared to other trigger types:

  • Other triggers are "progress triggers", progressing user to given step immediately after the condition is met.
  • Element Appears is a "delay trigger". User needs to progress from the previous step (for example, by clicking on Next button or anywhere on the screen) and Element Appears ensures that the next step is shown only after the condition is met.

In case the condition is not met in the given timeframe, as defined by the "Max waiting time for the element", and Autoskip is enabled, the workflow progresses to the next step.